American Exchange Student Enveloped by Giant Vagina

American Exchange Student Enveloped by Giant Vagina – review by Ami Gates 6/26/14 

A 20 year old American exchange student became trapped inside a large German Six Foot Vagina sculpture (costing 200K) and an appropriate use of funds to be sure.


The student, who elected to remain nameless, apparently lost control of his senses and placed his head and then some of his person into the vagina. This approach signifies a lack of understanding of a number of criteria, but does illustrate a consideration for electing more female world leaders.

Upon entering the vagina, the student’s head and portions of his body became trapped. The emergency rescue workers were alerted with a notification that “a person is stuck in a stone vulva”. It then took 22 rescue workers to remove the student from the vagina. While therapy has been recommended to assist the student in avoiding a future fear of vaginas, a number of extremist religious groups are blaming the vagina, and have claimed that it actually flirted with and then viciously engulfed the student. There will be a vote as to whether all such sculptures will hence forth be required to be covered in a black sheet.


A number of Religious Leaders have suggested that the most appropriate course of action is for the student to wed the vagina so as to save the vagina from disgrace.  It was also suggested that the 20 year old student, aware that homosexually is illegal in 81 countries, suspected the vagina of possible homosexual thoughts and was performing a “treatment’ to cure the vagina of possible poor intentions. As such, the student is being considered for several awards, least of which is the successful escape from a vagina (twice).