Obama Attacked by Enraged Boehner

Obama Attacked by Enraged Boehner – review by Ami Gates 6/26/14

Boehner is concerned that excessive bragging and misuse will lead to a severe decline and possible disconnection. After weighing, Boehner claims that Obama has exceeded his authority with non-faithful actions.

To defend Obama, Pelosi claims that a lack of having an “adult in that room” has caused Boehner to extend and to point at Obama. Pelosi, while offering to defend Obama from Boehner, is concerned about which direction to take. Pelosi sees no real use for Boehner and has suggested ignoring or even removal.  In either case, she suggests that Boehner is just looking for a power grab.

While many are concerned that Boehner will attack Obama for misuse, others suggest that Kane has put his finger on it.

When asked to specify grievances, Boehner declined, but intends to perk up when in an appropriate suit.

Has Obama circumvented Boehner, or as Pelosi claims, is Boehner simply distracting Obama?